As a federally-qualified health center, Family HealthCare is governed by a Board of Directors, which is a volunteer and patient based body, where over half of our board members are actual patients.  Our board members have broad and diverse backgrounds in community leadership, business, finance, healthcare, and academia.

The Board defines the mission and vision of Family HealthCare, is responsible for financial outcomes, oversees the chief executive officer, and opens doors as its members are ambassadors for the organization.


Meet our Board

  • Shane Clark, MA – President
  • Will Wright, CPA – Vice-President
  • Wanda Roden, BS – Treasurer
  • Steve Skoblik, BA – Secretary
  • Sandy Holbrook, Ph.D, MS
  • Elaine Berdahl, Certificate of Teaching
  • Micheal Headrick, Ph.D, MS
  • Debra Kukowski, JD
  • Dr. Stephen Nelson, MD
  • Christian Harris, MA
  • Melissa Longtine, M.Ed.
  • Mary Fischer, BA, MPH

Interested in Becoming a Board Member

Please Contact Andrea Sell