Family HealthCare’s Access Plan provides a way for families to have access to quality medical, dental and prescription services. Qualification is determined by your household size and income. Access Plan covers most services provided at Family HealthCare by Family HealthCare providers.

Can I have Access Plan as secondary insurance?

Yes, if you meet eligibility requirements for Access Plan, you can use the plan as a secondary/tertiary carrier. We will send the claim to your primary insurance first and if there is a patient responsibility when returned, we will apply the Access Plan discount.

Does Access Plan qualify as a credited Insurance plan through the Affordable Care Act?

No, Access Plan isn’t insurance so it doesn’t qualify for the ACA. The Access Plan is an in house discount program available to only Family HealthCare patients.

Services and Office Visit Fees

You will be responsible for an office visit fee at each Family HealthCare appointment. If you require a service that is not covered or discounted by Access Plan, you will be notified before you receive the service. If your medical provider recommends services that are partially covered or excluded, Family HealthCare will give you a pre-estimate form explaining the costs you will incur; we will only schedule those services if you accept responsibility for payment.

Additional information about Access Plan by Family HealthCare.

Medical costs on the Access Plan

Dental costs on the Access Plan

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