Thanks to the expertise of the North Dakota State University College of Health Professions, Family HealthCare includes a full-service -pharmacy that maintains a connection with the NDSU academic community,  keeping it on the cutting edge of care.  The staff pharmacists hold certifications in pain management, diabetes care and medication therapy management. The pharmacy’s multicultural staff provides personalized culturally sensitive care. Because the pharmacy only fills prescriptions for Family HealthCare patients, we are able to maintain close communication with your providers in all areas of our clinic including: Medical, Dental, Lifestyle Medicine & Homeless Health. Family HealthCare Pharmacy fills more than 80,000 prescriptions annually.

Medication Education for All Patients

In depth medication education is provided, and the assistance of interpreters and the use of our language line promotes clear understanding of medication use. We will work directly with insurance companies to provide one-on-one educational appointments for our patients. In addition to making sure you understand exactly how to use your medications, our pharmacists also offer patient education on how to better treat pain, manage diabetes and other chronic diseases, and safely use complex medications.

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Prescriptions You Can Afford

Our pharmacy can bill to Medicaid, commercial insurance and Medicare Drug plans. Family HealthCare’s discount program, which is based on a Sliding Fee Scale related to your income, also covers prescription medications. In addition to the discount program, our pharmacy team works with various pharmaceutical companies to secure free medications wherever possible. Did You Know? The FHC Pharmacy participated in the National HRSA Clinical Pharmacy and Patient Safety Collaborative and gained national recognition in Diabetes Care.

Prescription Authorization Required?

If your prescription requires authorization for additional refills, we will contact your provider. It may take 48-72 hours for these refills to be processed. Most other prescriptions and refills are ready within 24 hours.

Hours of Service

Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Pharmacy Location

301 NP Avenue Fargo, ND 58102

FREE MobileRx App

MobileRx gives you access to prescription refills through your smartphone by allowing your prescription to be downloaded to your phone and refill requests to be submitted electronically when your prescription is due for a refill.